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Welcome to the weekend. I hope you are managing to safely negotiate Friday the 13th.

Tonight, we highlight the best and worst of human nature: Our top story demonstrates callousness in the extreme with shocking CCTV footage of a woman stealing a poppy collection box - with the help of a child that appears to be no more than six years old. It happened at a florists in west London and shows the boy edging the box along the shop counter to a woman who then stuffs it in her bag before making off with it. Dinos and Aphrodite Georgiou who run the shop in Queen's Park were left sickened by the cynical act and have been talking to Marcus Powell.

Elsewhere, Frances Lawrence, the widow of murdered head teacher Philip Lawrence, has received an MBE from the Queen for her tireless charity work. Mr. Lawrence, you'll remember, was killed when he stepped in to break up a fight outside his school 14 years ago. Since his death, Francis Lawrence has championed the achievements of young people through the Philip Lawrence Awards. Speaking after receiving the tremendous honour, Francis Lawrence was even able to spare a thought for her husband's killer, Learco Chindamo, saying she, "hoped for the best" when he is released. Chindamo, who was fifteen at the time, has now served a minimum 12 year sentence.

Also tonight we report on a fire that swept through a block of flats in Basildon. Thankfully no one was badly injured, but Piers Hopkirk reports for us on the material loss that has left families facing the night in an emergency shelter.

Guest-wise. Actress, author, presenter, wine expert, Helen Lederer joins is in the studio to talk about the latest re-birth of 'Calendar Girls' in the West End. Her back catelogue reads like a who's who of British tv comedy from Ab Fab, Bottom and Naked Video to The New Statesman, Harry Enfied - the list really does go on an on. We'll ask her if it was tricky slotting in to a show that had already been such a big hit as well as the strategically placed iced buns!

Finally, James King's in later to talk us through the latest movie releases. I took him at his word on last week's 'A Christmas Carol' recommendation and thoroughly enjoyed it - thanks, James! I was worried that early November was simply too soon for something quite so festive but it was just what was needed to get the pre-Christmas spirit flowing. Well, that and the fact that we'd done a bit of Christmas shopping beforehand so I sat through the film with a giant Christmas cracker between my legs?! You can get crackers big enough for eight people to share, did you know that? Massive it is. Anyway, a word of warning on the film. It might be an animated adaptation starring the vocal talents of Jim Carrey, but it's quite dark in places. it is a ghost story, after all, but I don't think it's suitable for smaller children, despite its PG rating. Muppets Christmas Carol, it isn't!

So, let's see what James can offer up today. My weekend may well depend on it. See you at Six.

Matt and Nina.
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