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Weather blog

Good evening,
I've got a very elderly car which I use to drive to the station. It's like an old friend; totally reliable but not above playing the odd trick.
The most recent practical joke was to do with the lights. It happened yesterday evening (6-ish; properly dark) as I was driving along a country lane & hit a pothole. The resulting jolt caused all the lights -interior & exterior- to fail. There was something very eerie about it being as pitch black inside the car as it was out. Obviously I pulled off the road (no indicators or hazards) & got out in order to be able to assess the situation.
I am to mechanics what John & Edward are to opera, so after staring cluelessly at the bonnet & a spot of light swearing I climbed back into my jalopy & did the only sensible thing I could think of which was to start it up again. Miraculously it purred effortlessly & comprehensively back into life & I was able to continue my journey through the light drizzle (more of that to come tomorrow by the way) without further incident.
Obviously I was delighted the car was fully operational once more, but I'm left feeling nervous; it's happened once & it could happen again & lights are only ever going to fail when you really need them.
Perhaps it's time it went on ebay. The perfect vehicle for anyone planning a motoring holiday next summer to the land of the midnight sun....
Hope to see you later,