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Good Evening. All the day's news from in and around London coming your way at six, but for the moment, I have a bit of a confession to make: I'm not wearing a poppy today. It's not on any moral grounds, a lack of support for our current troops or a lack of respect for our former ones - I simply keep losing them. I must have bought at least five already, which is in no way unusual for me. I expect to have to buy at least two more before Sunday which is, of course, all good for the British Legion, as I happily cough up my cash each time one either drops off or ends up in the washing machine. I was about to say that maybe it's time to update the traditional poppy and pin ensemble in favour of an all-in-one badge design, but that would, of course, stop people like me buying more than one!

One thing I have noticed on my repeated visits to poppy sellers in various cities in the last ten days or so, is that they seem to be busier than usual. In the past, I've sometimes felt a bit sorry for the aging veteran in my local supermarket as he tried in vain to encourage people to support the Poppy Appeal. This year, I had to queue patiently before the same veteran proudly pinned on my poppy (not securely enough as it turned out), and confirmed that he'd been busier than ever.

One man who will be happy to learn about my poor poppy practices is Ben Hancock, who's in the studio later. He's the brain behind 'London Poppy Day', essentially a concerted effort by people in the capital to raise even more money for the British Legion's charity work in supporting both serving members of the Armed Forces and their families. Over 200 volunteers and more than 50 serving soldiers are out in force trying to raise £50,000 today alone. Just under £20,000 was raised when they did the same thing last year so they'll be doing well to more than double it this time. We'll find out how Ben think's they've done later on. So, if you're reading this early enough, dig deep on your way home. They'll be stationed at 21 tube stations around the capital during rush hour. To be honest, though, if they're a few quid short, I might as well buy whatever's left, just in case!

See you at Six.

Matt and Katie