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Good evening,
I got a telling off last night.
I drive to the station each morning to catch the train & as the car park is often full I park on a street nearby. I don't do this regularly & wouldn't choose to as it's not hugely convenient, but needs must....
As I unlocked my car on my return I was aware of a curtain twitching & then the rapid fire of purposeful footsteps. I was prevented from easing myself gratefully into the driving seat by what can only be described as a diatribe;
Did I know how selfish I was?
Did I know it was a residential street?
Didn't I know there was a car park?
Did I know that people like me made living in that road a misery?
And on it went.
I'm proud to say I didn't give in to my instincts but instead remained calm & apologetic but it made no difference. I did point out that I wasn't breaking the law & had parked as considerately as possible but to no avail. It was a stalemate so I decided to leave a question of my own hanging in the air;
Did my angry friend not know there was a station a quarter of a mile away when buying the house?
Not ideal, I know, but I was tired & hungry & getting cold -   talking of which, brighter but chillier by the end of the week. I must confess that any fleeting sense of victory I might have had was quickly replaced by dread at the same old parking dilemma this morning....
Hope to see you later,