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Weather blog

Good evening,
It was a really beautiful start to the day today.
Clear blue skies (dotted with the now obligatory hot air balloons), mist along the riverbank & pockets of frost. All classic fare following a fine & chilly night but I'm left feeling worried. In all honesty I have to confess it's a very minor worry. My concern centres not around global warming or meteorological predictions for the coming winter, but rather my raspberries. When we moved into our current house we were delighted to discover raspberry canes in the garden. They are my favourite soft fruit & our plants seem to pay no heed to the weather yielding plump, magenta berries from early summer through to autumn. However, everything shudders to a halt with the first frost; the berries turning to black mush which even the birds ignore.
So it's last night's frost that has me worried. A sliver of hope comes in the knowledge that our garden escaped the worst of the frost & that the next couple of nights won't be as chilly, maybe permitting an extension to the growing season. But before long clear skies & low temperatures will return, meaning I'll have to accept the inevitable & settle down to the long, 9 month wait for the start of next season's harvest.
I promise you'll be the first to know when the 2010 crop is ripe for picking....
Hope to see you later,