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Weather blog

Good evening,
I've been talking to someone in the office who's planning a wedding. Luckily she's reasonably sensitive to the limited interest this topic holds for everyone bar the bride & groom, so a fork in the thigh in a bid to stay awake wasn't necessary. The current quandary is which month to hold it : December or May. The favourite is May because the venue boasts beautiful terraced gardens which should be bathed in glorious late  spring sunshine providing the ideal setting for perfect wedding photos. I pointed out - in a practical rather than killjoy kind of way - that logic has no place where weather is an important factor.
December can yield a day of blue skies & bright sun just as May can offer up howling wind & horizontal rain, so she'd be better off organising it all around availability of favourite guests & cheap flights to honeymoon destinations. Or do it tomorrow afternoon because it's looking good, not as mild as it's been recently but still nice enough for a glass of bubbly on the lawn.
I've a feeling I won't be on the guest list....
Hope to see you later,