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Hello again,

Our top story tonight is about a murder, the details of which read like something out of a film. Quiet caretaker Charalambos Christodoulides was brutally killed for no other reason than the pure greed of a playboy property developer who saw him as standing in the way of a big bucks deal. The killer, Thanos Papalexis - who once held a fundraising event for Hilary Clinton - stood to go bust owing millions unless a deal to sell on a near-derelict warehouse in Kilburn went through quickly. The body of Mr. Christodoulides, who'd lived there most of his adult life, was found in a garage inspection pit. He'd been tied to a chair, tortured and strangled. London-born Papalexis confessed his crime to a former lover and was arrested in Palm Beach, Florida, in November following years of police investigations. Marcus Powell will have the full details.

Also tonight, a massive row is brewing about Olympic funding. Put simply - Boris Johnson wants to shave 32 million pounds off the budget, unsurprisingly the organisers of London 2012 don't. Boris says he can save the cash by insisting certain sports take place at certain venues. He wants to move shooting from the Royal Artillery barracks in Woolwich to Barking, and wants badminton and rhythmic gymnastics to take place in Wembley Arena rather than building a purpose-built 6,000 seater stadium. Sports bodies say Wembley is too far from the Olympic village, but Boris says not to use Wembley Arena would be ludicrous. Add to that the fact that Tory leader David Cameron has come out in support of Bozza today and the Olympic authorities, particularly Lord Coe (the Chair of the London 2012 Organising Committee and a former Conservative MP, of course) could be put in a tricky position if the Tories win the next election. To save or not to save...that is the question. Simon Harris will try to find the answers.

As well as the rest of the day's news, we'll have our usual blast of showbiz and I'm genuinely excited about the guest in the studio tonight - none other than Motown soulstress Gladys Knight is in town and popping in to say hello. She's had an amazing career, both with 'The Pips' and as a solo artist, but says her upcoming concerts are part of a farewell tour. I confess I'm not a total Motown officianado, although various family members are, so I'd better do the interview justice! Even I know, though, that Gladys Knight has had a hand in some seminal musical moments. Hits-wise, did you know that 'I Heard it Through the Grapevine' was a hit for Gladys Knight and the Pips before it was a hit for Marvin Gaye? Also, did you know that 'Midnight Train to Georgia' was originally called 'Midnight Plane to Houston' before Gladys changed the lyrics? On the list of questions has to be the claim that it was Gladys Knight who persuaded Motown boss Berry Gordy to sign 'The Jackson 5'. Apparently he wasn't keen, saying he already had the cute young male singer market sewn up with 'Little Stevie Wonder'. One other question for Gladys, if there's time...'Who's your favourite James Bond?' Everyone berates me when I say mine has always been Timothy Dalton. Gladys, of course, sung the theme song to Dalton's 'Licence to Kill'. Is that the best Bond theme...another good question. But after a quick straw poll in the office, no would appear to be the answer. Katie says, 'Goldfinger', as does Ben Scotchbrook. Producer Neil says, 'Live and Let Die'. I'm with Neil. 'Diamonds Are Forever' is another candidate. So, 'Licence to Kill' is everyone's second favourite Bond theme, then. Sorry Gladys! If only they'd made a Bond film called, 'Midnight Plane to Houston'!!!

See you at six.

Matt and Katie