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Weather blog

Good evening,
The North Downs is a really beautiful part of the country. If I'm not in London wearing a suit & talking to a camera, I'm on the North Downs; wellies on my feet, cap on my head & dogs at my side.
It's a fantastic vantage point for observing the weather & the seasons & provides a perfect escape from the more stressful elements of day to day life.
I have a favourite spot where I can see right across the Weald to the South Downs & the sea beyond. The vista is constantly changing  -   never more so than at this time of year   - & it's always a pleasure to be there, regardless of what the weather's doing.
It turned chilly yesterday afternoon so we wrapped up warm & made the most of it, dodging the weekend cross country cyclists who travel in packs, talking loudly whilst narrowly missing mowing everyone down in their path (I'll nip that rant in the bud or perhaps save it for a later date) & it was glorious.
We've now got a 48 - hour dose of cloud, wind & rain to contend with but then calm should be restored....
Hope to see you later,