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One of those days where I've clearly not left enough time to beautifully craft a blog so apologies for the brevity of today's contribution!

We start with the story of age discrimination. John Wooster had spent his whole working career with Tower Hamlets council in London's East End. But in 2006, after 34 years service, he was made redundant. His dismissal came just months before his 50th birthday, meaning he would have had to wait until he was 65 to claim his pension. Had he been in his job until after his birthday, Mr Wooster could have claimed the pension almost immediately. It sounds like a huge injustice, a view supported by the courts as he has won his legal battle against his redundancy. There now remains the matter of compensation - yet to be - decided, but it could be over a million pounds. Emma Walden tells all.

Also tonight, the Michael Jackson saga continues: Originally earmarked to perform a staggering number of comeback gigs at O2, fans were left devastated by his untimely death. Rumours about how his life would be marked have been circulating for weeks and after an announcement (in London) that a tribute concert would take place in Austria, comes today's news that it will now happen...in London...but not at O2, possibly Wembley. Confused? Even in death, Jacko keeps is guessing. We'll have the latest.

Now, the poignancy of today's date will have passed none of you by. Everyone remembers where they were when they heard the news about the attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York on September the 11th 2001. I was in the office at television studios Nottingham where I was working at the time, putting together a documentary series about football. I remember everyone in the office, even the most hardened journalists, frozen by the events unfolding on our television screens. The attacks claimed almost three thousand lives and ultimately drew Britain into a war in Afghanistan. Among the dead were 16 people from the London region. And today the capital remembered them and the other British victims of 9/11. We report in full.

The legacy of that day still resonates with 27 of the 213 British troops killed so far in Afghanistan in the last 8 years, coming from the capital. Whether you agree with the war or not, few would argue that our servicemen and women are the bravest of the brave. And none more so than Benjamin Kelly, who risked his life recovering the body of his fallen comrade. He's now going to receive the Military Cross for his 'exceptional bravery'. Share his story, and plenty more besides, with us at 6.

Matt and Katie

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