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Weather blog

Good evening,
As a weather presenter it's great when the weather does exactly what it's been forecast to do. It minimises the risk of dark looks, wagging fingers & whispered insults.
It's great unless you're at an air show as I was on Sunday. As predicted it stayed dry but after a minimally bright start the cloud thickened & lowered. Hours spent standing in a field with not a glimmer of sunshine chills a person to the marrow - regardless of how many flasks of tea & slices of fruit cake are consumed.
Although it didn't rain, the cloud base was very low & as a result a number of aircraft (don't ask me which ones) were unable to appear. Those that did, however, kept the crowds happy with endless 'fly-bys' occasionally opening & closing their bomb bays like mischievous toddlers flashing their knickers & the display was rounded off by the Red Arrows whose cavalier disregard for the cloud was truly impressive.
It was ultimately a successful event & the spectators seemed happy enough as they headed homewards, but there was no denying that it didn't feel like a summer's day. Now that September's underway & we have a period of blustery weather ahead of us, it won't be long before the A word is being bandied about with alarming regularity. I will try not to let it pass my lips any more than is absolutely necessary....
See you later,