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Good afternoon.
There is a time and place for everything but being in the wrong place at the wrong time can prove gravely troubling.
Had Chris Taylor not stepped out of a family charity event to have a row with his girlfriend he might still be alive.
Had an apparently 'good' Samaritan not been passing by, he most certainly would. It is a bizarre tale of good leading to evil, couched in mystery. Glen is our Alfred Hitchcock tonight.
Had Yvonne Fletcher not been on duty outside the Libyan People's Bureau more than a decade ago, she'd still be here. Had tensions between 'us' and 'them' not reached such an appalling low, she almost certainly would. You will remember her but you won't know her killer - none of us do; and you may or may not know the Libyans think we tried to kill their leader Colonel Gaddafi. How these oddities are linked together is in the hands of knot-master Jon Gilbert.
Had millions of children not lived in London and other intensely populated conurbations when Hitler invaded Poland, they might never have seen the country-side. Or at least, they might have seen it but of their own free will rather than at the diktat of Neville Chamberlain. And had Goerring nor ordered the Luftwaffe to bomb London, the capitol's Auxiliary Fire Brigade would not have lost so many souls nor created so many heroes. Ben wraps it up on this 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War.
If Beverley Knight decides she is not going to risk being in the studio at 6 , we have a problem. But she won't, so she'll be there telling us where she's been these last two years, to the echoes of her new album.
"Man swims down river to promote movie about swimming up two other rivers". Not a cross-word clue but an explanation as to why Lucy will be shivering not with the red carpet but with a cozy towel.
And if the No73 bus is not where it ought to be when it ought to be, we have the boy who can spot it in the instant of a "ping-ping". Room upstairs for a bit more explanation, all in the capable hands of Sangeeta "the clippie" Kandola.
Robin says it is the Big A today. I am only five feet seven so it can't be me. He was muttering about solstices and equinoxes so I am hooked. Hope you will be, too.
The Oz is looking at pictures of a small soiree I held at the weekend. They are funny in the sense that the children were supposed to be on the bouncy castle and not the adults. And the adults were supposed to be making intelligent conversation and not the children. Irony, I suppose; or maybe just happy revelry among chums. I can't recall and I don't even drink.
We'll both be there at 6 because we should and because we want to. Hope you exercise your freedoms in our favour.
Alastair and Alex.