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Good evening,

If I'm honest I feel more inclined to say Goodnight. Yesterday was busy & long & I'm mainlining sugar & caffeine today in a bid to stay alert. Obviously at the end of a normal working day I'm a spent force having channelled all my energy into crafting immaculate weather bulletins, but yesterday -as I mentioned- I had to dig deeper still & channel Bob Fosse for charity.

Suffice to say it wasn't about winning but about taking part & I don't regard the hours of rehearsal as a waste of time nor do I begrudge the winners their trophy. I hope they enjoy it. Well done them.

In truth we got very positive comments from Arlene Phillips & Ulrika Jonsson (as a fellow weathergirl I expected nothing less) & the audience were on their feet (not in a heading towards the exit kind of way) at the end of the number. As for Piers Morgan, I feel he's still finding his way as a judge.

In terms of weather, tomorrow's will be the same as today's. And so will Sunday's. Happy days.

You have my word that my dancing career is over; a dim & distant memory. With the occasional exception of a jazz hand....

Hope to see you later,

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