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Good afternoon.

Before we get to the programme, those of you who were watching last night might have heard Robin spill the beans about a bit of a charity 'do' the London Tonight team were involved in last night. Basically, the great and the good of various tv newsrooms were involved in 'Newsroom's Got Talent' - an attempt to show off the singing and dancing abilities of the on-screen 'talent' and production staff of the BBC, Channel 4, 5 and, of course - ITV news teams. Thankfully, I joined too late to be roped in, but Katie, Robin and Lucy Cotter were some of those brave enough to take part. Katie joined ITV's other network presenters for a stunning performance of some Grease numbers, with Katie brilliantly playing the part of Sandie.

Now, this wasn't your average works' karaoke. This was a full on musical extravaganza! I mean, Piers Morgan, Ulrika Jonsson and Arlene Phillps were the judges - this was serious stuff! I'm proud to report that Katie led her troop to victory and helped raise tens of thousands of pounds for two very deserving charities: the Leonard Cheshire Disability organisation and Helen & Douglas House, which provides hospice care for children. And we should also mention the fact that New Look and Diageo sponsored the event .. thanks guys!

Unfortunately, those involved are currently in the process of trying to seek and destroy all evidence of last night's escapades...so take a sneaky look at the Daily Mail's website or Google 'Newsroom's Got Talent' while you can (but you didn't hear it from me!)

As another aside...I've had two female presenters fighting over me this afternoon. Ok, that's not true, but both Katie and Nina turned up for the programme. Scheduling error - or fuzzy heads from last night? Anyway, a coin was flipped and Nina's on the sofa at six. No one will tell me of she won or lost the toss, though!

Oh, the programme!

Tube strike, E-Coli, speed humps, James King on the latest movies and a film about morris dancing? What more could you want on a Friday?!

Matt and Nina