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Weather blog

Good evening,
The weather's hot at the moment. Not in terms of temperature, of course, but as a news item.
It seems that almost every time I switch on the TV or radio I hear a litany of complaints about the summer. The Met Office is in the firing line having talked, back in April, of a 'barbecue summer' & there's a general sense of depression that appears to have settled across the country.
At this point it's probably worth acknowledging that we are a nation of meteorological malcontents. A month ago when we had a fortnight of hot, dry & sunny weather it took us no time at all to start complaining about heat exhaustion & sunstroke & now we're moaning all over again for altogether different reasons & dismissing the summer as a washout. Well it's not over yet. September doesn't start for another 4 weeks so there's time for some summer weather yet.
It can be lovely here, but it can just as easily not be. Our weather is unreliable & this is never more evident than during the school summer holidays. We should simply accept that we must hope for the best but expect the worst (ie. pack as much wet weather gear as sun protection for a trip to the beach) & that way we'll all feel less hard done by. Plan outdoor parties/'staycations'/picnics etc. at your peril. With an anorak in one hand & a bottle of SPF20 in the other (both essential for the rest of this week, by the way) you can't go far wrong....
See you later,