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We start tonight with promises - Bozza's so called "broken promises" to be precise. It's all to do with cash he pledged he'd spend on helping women affected by rape in the capital - well, he's cut the amount he's spending - and even though we're pleased he's spending some to improve the situation - just the one rape crisis centre for the whole capital at the mo! - he did say he'd spend more so we want to know what's changed...? Kit Malthouse - his dep - is coming on to talk to us and explain.

Then Lewis is checking out the bouncers who could be heading for our West End theatres.. Apparently someone did a toilet (nubmer 1 not 2 - but still!) near the stage - someone else heckled - and someone chucked something - this means actors and theatre staff want more security to stop people (who've more than likely had a tipple rather than a tinkle) misbehaving. Hold on...isn't that what we're meant to do at the theatre - I'm sure my English lit degree taught me that heckling the cast of a Shakespearean play was all part of the experience - along with chucking rotten fruit etc..? Tradition is tradition..maybe not the peeing bit though...

So, traditionally speaking you wouldn't think first of the environment when you think of Wembley - more of a football place then a green hub of the future yes? But it's at the centre of a green revolution - the new houses there have some chutes going overground to underground to take our trash towards recycling land. Loverly - Glen's gone to check it out - will he go down the chute I wonder? We've also got our property man coming in to chat all about the way of the future for our household rubbish.

From rubbish we head for the gutter - the gutter press to be precise and Abi Titmuss is coming in to talk about it. Not solely about her experiences of being a tabloid favourite but mainly about her starring role in an opera (yes, an opera..)about the press. She's making quite a name for herself as an actress now and was lovely when she visited us last time so we look forward to chatting again.

Then we're all going on a summer holiday. The horses are anyway - the Household Cavalry have gone to Norfolk for a dip in the sea. I'm heading up there in a couple of weeks and am told it's quite bracing!! Sure the horsies enjoy it though - we shall check it out later.

See you at 6.

Alex & Ben.