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It is absolutely gorgeous outside but the sunshine hasn't quite helped remove the frown from my face. Reading about the horrid people responsible for Baby Peter Connelly's short and tortured life has left a very dark cloud over my otherwise sun filled day.

You know the feeling you get when you look at a photo of someone who you know has done terrible things - the pictures we're seeing for the first time today - and you can't help but be disgusted. Knowing what we all know about Peter's own mother and the horrific people she allowed into his life, I for one can't bear to look at their faces anymore.

Just when we thought the story couldn't get any worse Ronke's going to bring us more on the mother and brothers behind Peter's death.

Also, Simon tells us why the people of Haringey haven't stopped paying for the actions of these three - and why we're all going to be paying once they're released.

After that we're following up on the story we brought you last night - the grandmother killed by a lift while visiting her grandkids. Phil's speaking to the council responsible.

Lewis is investigating the future of athletics at Crystal Palace and Liz is checking out just how wasteful we are - 400 thousand apples wasteful apparently, every single day!

Then finally, Lucy's been to catch up with the band you chose for stardom a couple of years back - Dolls House.

See you at 6.

Alex & Alastair.