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We start tonight with a story right out of a horror flick. A mother's been crushed to death by a lift in front of her daughter. It sounds like the kind of thing dreamt up in Hollywood but her death now poses the scary possibility that it could happen again. Marcus will tell us if her death was just a freak accident or if we should all be concerned about getting into a lift.

Then the ever expanding being that is Heathrow Airport. We've got the new terminal - all flashy and lovely, I do enjoy the shopping and the champagne oyster bar before a flight. But I do not enjoy the fact that more and more planes are coming in and out and more and more people are having their lives interrupted by the noise and more and more people are predicted to come into said airport. Where does it end..? Well, if latest plans for an overhaul of Terminal 2 are anything to go by - it doesn't - ever! Simon's going to tell us just why the airport needs another billion squids spent on it and what the future holds for passengers, local residents and our environment.

Next up - if you've read or seen My Sister's Keeper - the Jodi Picoult tale about bioethics - then you'll already be tearing up at this next story. Twins born to save their brother - they're the first born here with that purpose in mind and Piers has been to meet the family.

Then we're onto property - first a travellers site - not a place where property prices go up and down as such - but a place where tenants can still be evicted. That's what's happening at Crays Hill - Phil's gone to talk to the residents about what's going on and why they're demanding a new place to live.

People with nowhere to live next - these are the unfortunates who bought off plan before house prices fell - they've now lost their mortgage offers and with it their new homes. But the home developers still want their cash. Daisy's got that story and we'll also chat with a property expert about just how all this happened.

We end with a big pussy cat - no not Alastair who is back with me this evening - although he is a big softie - this is a real cheetah whose owner wants to turn from a domesticated big cat into the big scary hunting variety. It's apparently all to do with the kids - or should that be the cubs who have yet to be born. The owner wants any little ones to be sent to the wilds of Africa and reckons they'll only survive if they know about hunting! Lewis is on Big Cat duty tonight.

See you at 6.

Alex & Alastair.