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Weather Blog

Good evening,
The weather's perfect at the moment. Couldn't be better, in fact. That is if all you have to do is shuttle between the pool & the fridge with nothing more to do than stare into the middle distance, taking the occasional nap when the going gets tough.
When temperatures reach the thirties, as is the case today, & you've got to go about your daily business, meet deadlines, think clearly & generally keep going it can all get a bit much. In one of the studios where I work the noisy air conditioning has to be switched off when the camera's rolling because it would be audible in the bulletin. Normally this doesn't matter, but recently it's posed quite a challenge & earlier today I found myself starting to suffer from brain-melt meaning I was in danger of making even less sense than usual.
I'll be out in the sun again at Wimbledon later on which will be significantly hotter than the stuffy studio in question, so just in case my grey matter turns to microwaved mush & the forecast is gobbledeegook, I should tell you now that showers are on the way over the next few days & it'll be getting cooler. Hurrah.
See you later,