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Good Afternoon to you.

Let's start with one for the tennis fans. Serena Williams is in trouble. She's a game down in the third set of her semi-final. Now, bearing in mind that people have been spouting on for ever and a Wimbledon day that it's going to be a Williams v Williams final, this comes as something of a surprise. Of course, by the time you read this, it may all have changed and the bookies will be bracing themselves for a definite Williams pay out. I'll give updates.

If you're not a tennis fan... turned out nice again, hasn't it?

** It's matchpoint against Ms Williams... which she saves **

Now - the programme - and we start with a fairly familiar phrase for London news viewers... "Crossrail may not happen". It seems - according to a leaked memo - that there's a thumping great hole in the Department of Transport's budget and the odd expensive project may have to go quietly into the night... and it's thought Crossrail's name could be on the list. Which is a bit of a blow to all those businesses and homes that have already been affected by the project. We're thinking about the Astoria which has already been closed and gutted...

We've got some CCTV pictures to show you tonight - taken four years ago. They show police officers from Southend restraining a chap they'd just arrested on suspicion of assault. You might think they're being 'fairly rough'. The jury at the inquest, however, did not - and cleared the coppers of any wrongdoing. It's a tough call. We weren't there. See what you think.

** Mummy Williams is looking awfully nervous **

Alex has just walked in from taking the air. Apparently "it's hot". She's a whizz with the weather. Don't know why we bother with Robin. He, by the way, will be talking us through the weather from Wimbledon this evening - gloating over the people who've been camping out to guarantee a centre court ticket tomorrow.

** Okay, 6 games to 5 now in the third set. Ms Dementieva is in the driving seat **

We've got a couple of watery stories for you tonight. One is a pretty pretty Tales of the Riverbank affair, and how we make sure Ratty and Moleface (whatever) can live their lives in harmony while us humans use the Thames to our best advantage.

The other is not such a poetic picture - it's all about a giant sewer that's being built to cope with the, shall we say, 'outflow' from millions of Londoners. At the moment, when there's a lot of rain, the outflow ends up flowing into the Thames which isn't great for Ratty and Moleface. Well, would you like it? So, Thames Water's building an enormous tunnel to cope a little better.

** 6 games all - and I find myself feeling somewhat grateful that I'm not in the firing line of Serena's smash **

Any Sandra Bullock fans in the house? Don't go out then - we're talking to her about her new film.

We'll also be talking to the 'fastest man in the world'. That's a great brag, isn't it? Picture the scene down your local..

Mr Holt: "I've just had a promotion at work".

Mr Colt: "Yeah, I've just passed my diving instructor's exams."

Mr Bolt: "I've run faster than anyone else in history."

Mr Holt & Mr Colt: "Your round."

** NEWSFLASH: Serena's in the final. Good effort from Ms Dementieva (imagine what her nickname was at school) **

There's a little tail piece in our programme tonight - it's about the second most kissable waxwork at Madame Tussauds. Bet you can't guess who...

See you at six,

Ben & Alex