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Robin's weather ramblings

Good evening,

Waterloo station is a much less vibrant place since Eurostar moved to St. Pancras & Waterloo International was put into mothballs. There's a buzz & a glamour which only international travel can bring to a big old commuter hub, but this week - thanks to Royal Ascot - those two commodities have returned.

The usually grey concourse is awash with colour once again; men in tails & silk ties & women in high shoes & even higher hats, all providing those of us stumbling bleary eyed off the early morning trains with welcome distraction. All, that is, except me because I'm left feeling worried. My concern centres around the strength of today's wind & the precarious nature of the almost architectural structure of some of the racegoers' headgear. I have visions of netting, feathers & possibly clumps of scalp being swept away on a stiff westerly & a day at the races being ruined.

It's at this point (before it all gets truly gothic) I have to remind myself that a lost hat is not the end of the world & that the strength of the wind is not my responsibility. In fact conditions are set to improve quite substantially next week; too late for the horse fanciers perhaps but spot on for any tennis fans out there.

Hoping your weekend is more sun than shower & that you'll join us later,