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I've been craving a huge sandwich - ham, cheese and tomato if you're interested - but I've gone for the healthy option.. some nuts and a fruit salad. Not quite as satisfying but I will feel better about myself when all is said and done and my trousers won't feel quite as tight! Happy Days.

The 'being healthy' part of this is obviously the most important part and that's what kids in Newham are interested in to. Well, that's what their teachers and the council bods want them to be interested in anyway. They've been sent out to the local takeaways - which I'm not sure is the best way to avoid temptation - but they've been sent nonetheless to bestow upon chippys and kebab houses certificates if they agree to put a 'healthy' option on their menu. The idea is that these naughty places will then be less naughty places for kids to venture into. But, the question, I'm sure you've realised, is will they go for the healthy choice even if it is on the menu? Could work.. I guess it's just good to get kids thinking about healthy eating more and eventually they'll see the benefits and ditch the chips. See what they think and we'll see what you think later on too.

Maybe Chris Isaak will have an opinion... maybe not. We're talking to him about his new album later but Ken wants us to question him about the Americans working in London and not paying the congestion charge. I've just been instructed to say to him - off the back of the story about embassy staff avoiding the charge - "hand it over buddy!" Don't think that'll go down too well, but I'm not in charge.

It's not just Chris' countrymen not paying though - they are the number one culprits - but the folk working at the German and Japanese embassies owe a lot too. Bozza's not happy.

But - a good commuter story tonight - the highspeed rail link between Ashford and St Pancras is about to open! OK, I know you're not that excited as it's taken literally forever - but it's there and people living in Kent will be able to get into town in record time - well, not record, but considerably quicker and for four quid more. Nick's been on it and will tell us if speed plus cash equals happy commuters.

Before that we've got unhappy people. This is seriously low. A man's been caught on CCTV nicking cash from a collection at a little girl's funeral. I asked if there was something wrong with him during the meeting - as in was he of sound mind when doing something so horrid? - but am told he is just a nasty piece of work. Judge for yourselves.

Ben's with me tonight as The Al is gearing up for the Late Debate (ITV1 at 11.35pm)

So we will see you at 6.

Alex & Ben.