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Weather blog

Good evening,

The weekend weather can best be described as mixed. Even when the sun shone the clouds were never far away & the only advantage to the heavy showers that were knocking around was that the pollen levels were low as a result. In fact that trend looks set to continue for the rest of the week.

Last night in our house the grey clouds moved indoors at around 5 o'clock as my children set about tackling homework & getting bags ready for school. This was all done with minimal fuss but the quiet depression that settled on the household was difficult to ignore. Whilst trying to jolly things along I realised that, in middle age, I still suffer the back to school blues myself. Indeed if I hear the theme tune to Black Beauty even now I practically need medicating, as that was my cue to get into the car to return to boarding school.

So on a cold, wet Monday I remember those dismal years & take comfort from the fact that I don't have to wear shorts any more unless I choose to (never) & that I won't have to go for a swim in the lake before breakfast....

See you later,