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Good Afternoon,

Today I'm afraid Alastair has been called off to an important meeting so he's asked me to take the helm.

I'm on day four of five presenting which has been wonderful. Not only does it mean sitting next to the lovely Mr Stewart but it's also warm here in the office and so far has involved less running around.
Usually I'm out and about manically chasing whichever star is in town which is what I just love doing. But the downside is I don't really get a picture of what else is going on in and around the capital. Today there's been plenty.

If you were up early enough for GMTV you will have seen the weather girl Claire was forced on air with wet hair and apparently Kate Garraway did her make-up in the dark! All because of a massive power cut caused by a burst water main in central London and that's where we begin.
Buses have been diverted, roads closed and general chaos for everyone.

Next sad and frustrating news for the families of the four young soldiers who died at Deepcut Barracks in Surrey.
Their calls for a public inquiry have been rejected again by the government who say this is the end of the matter. Earlier in the week we heard from the family of one of the soldiers - Private Geoff Gray - who claim new evidence shows their 17 year old son was murdered.
No doubt we'll be hearing more from his parents who are still trying to find closure and justice on this tragic situation.

Our email topic today is sure to stir up reaction - the issue of travelling communities is always an explosive one.
90 families who currently live on a site in Essex have been served an eviction notice.
They've been living on what is one of Europe's largest traveller sites since the 1970's but have been refused planning permission.
It's a really interesting one as The House of Lords and even the United Nations are getting involved.

I'm sure if you've been watching the news recently you'll have been absolutely incensed by the expenses row.
It was amazing - just as we didn't think it could get any worse - more revelations today and there's been a resignation.
Andrew MacKay - David Cameron's minder - so a quick word from him and then onto a story which should restore your faith in human nature.
Ellen MacArthur is involved with a charity which helps young people with cancer. Today marks the culmination of a year-long programme which sees the kids sailing up the Thames!

Then to the Royal Albert Hall and two men I was desperate to meet but that honour has been passed to the lovely Julie instead.
2 of the three tenors, Carreras and Domingo, will be joining her along with some Irish priests who have outsold the likes of Beyonce in the album charts. You couldn't make it up, could you.

To end - Damien has been waving off the Household Cavalry who are off to warmer shores and Chrissie will be live with the car that can walk on water. Well, drive on water anyway. What more could you possibly want!!

Take care,
Lucy and Alistair

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