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Weather blog

Good evening.

I come to you fresh from a working lunch with Sian Lloyd (or tv's Sian Lloyd as she insists on being called). You might be surprised to learn that the main topic we covered was not the ropey weather & the fact that in a little over 24 hours things will become much more settled with sunshine & better temperatures heading our way, but instead we discussed her recent theatrical triumph in 'The Vagina Monologues'. Sadly, despite my former life as an actor, I'll never get the chance to emulate her success in that particular show -for obvious reasons- but it was fascinating to hear about her experiences & her new found love of treading the boards. In fact, & this should go no further, she has taking to wearing a turban & calling everybody Darling -loudly- but I suspect this is a passing phase....

Meanwhile, back at the coal face, there's a quiet, industrious hum of people pulling everything together for this evening's programme which looks like a corker. Plus the weekend is imminent & the weather's perking up; what more could you want?

See you later,