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Alastair's had his hair cut - I told him it looks slick - he says keeping it short is the only way to make it clear he's accepting going bald on top! Well, he looks very smart nevertheless...

We've got Torvill and Dean in the studio today. They're going to be talking to us about Ray winning Dancing on Ice of course - I had a thought about putting Al forward for the next series - but I've been advised against it. Maybe he'd be better at the dancing without the ice...I'll ask him when he gets back..I don't know why this is all about him so far - he's deserted me this afternoon again so, let's get to the other stuff..

You'll love the movies today - James is here to talk about Knowing - that's the one Nicolas Cage was promoting earlier in the week. James was in the same cinema as me - could have done with him sitting next to me as I was all on my own and it scared the bejesus out of me - will have to ask if he was a scaredy cat too. He's also seen The Damned United - we had the star of that on this week too - the very, very lovely Michael Sheen (NOT to be confused with Martin Sheen!) I haven't seen this one yet but as I moonlight in the sporting world it is on my list - and I do love Michael so think it's well worth a look...I'm sure James will have enjoyed this one..but I've been wrong before (just the once though).

This next story could make a good movie script - it's about a gang of forgers who literally printed their own money. That's one way to sort the recession out I suppose. But the best bit is they've got an average age of nearly 60 - with one of them aged 83! They met at Claridges and a working men's club in Acton to work out the finer details of their scam - I think I'd better copyright that movie idea..they're being sentenced today after being caught red-handed though.

So, from oldies to youngies and Rachel's been to meet some Women's Institute members who are all in their 20s. After spending mothering Sunday learning how to make my Mum's famous Lemon Curd I'm actually quite into this one. The girls want to carry on the W.I. traditions of jam making and cross stitching.

Then Lewis Vaughan Jones is out in a rowing boat on the Thames. It is of course the Boat Race this weekend - which to me is a great excuse to hit a pub on the river for the afternoon/evening now my rowing days are far behind me. So it's down to LVJ -hopefully in an all-in-one-lycra affair - to attempt to join a crew. I have it from the horses mouth that he's done this a few times before so I don't think he'll embarrass himself - unless he wears the lycra of course.

We've also got the latest from the Meredith Kercher trial in Italy and the emotional tributes from Jimmy Mizen's parents after the schoolboy's killer was sentenced to life in prison for his murder.

That's all at 6.

See you then.

Alex & Alastair.