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Weather Blog

Good evening.

We've arrived at the vernal equinox. Today, near as dammit, night & day are of equal length & we can declare that Spring has begun. This will not make the blindest bit of difference to how the weather behaves over the next few weeks; we're as likely to be sitting in a sunny park at lunchtime as we are to be scraping frost off a windscreen in the morning, but I think it's a vital psychological lift to acknowledge the start of a new season.

The weather's been glorious this week & will remain so tomorrow but thereafter it'll start to change, becoming increasingly cloudy, unsettled & -dare I say it- colder. I'm sorry to mention the c word but it's worth remembering that the recent daytime temperatures (highs of 17C) have been well above average & we should think of the warmth as an extra gift rather than waste energy resenting the comparitive cold that's heading our way next week.

Still, it's Friday & people here are looking forward to the weekend. Alistair's done his usual & ripped off his tie & Lucy, his companion for tonight, is beavering away at her showbiz commitments in order to be able to join him on the sofa later.

See you then.