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Good Afternoon to you,

I'm breaking away from the rather heated debate that's brewing around the London Tonight desk this afternoon. The subject is 'pushing presents'. For anyone unfamiliar with the term, it's a gift that some fathers give to the mother of their child, as a thank you for bringing baby into the world. Anyone who finds their mouth has now flopped open in disbelief should line up to my left. Any mothers-to-be now rifling through the Tiffany website should line up to my right... I'll drop the hanky and everyone can go for it...

While that issue gets the kick around it so richly deserves, I'll give you a quick rundown of the debates we'll be bringing you on the programme tonight.

1. London. Is it kaput?'
We're taking a close look at three stories that suggest the economic misery that hovers over the entire country, is beginning to have a harshly felt impact here in the Capital. A number of colleges have begun expansion work only to be told the funds they'd been promised are no longer in the pot. The black hole in the tube's finances we've been warned about could soon mean a number of improvements will have to be shelved. Oh, and the deluxe all-singing all-dancing Motor Show that Excel fought so hard to snatch off the NEC... Has been cancelled...
We ask what impact it will all have on our great city.

2. 'My play area should get lottery money, and not your minibus for pigs!'
Yes, it's People's Millions time again, when various fantastic causes pitch for some extra cash from the National Lottery fund. We sift through the applicants, present you with an 'either/or' and then you choose. This week we're starting the whole process by reminding you of who won last year and what they did with the cash. Tonight, it's Surrey Docks Farm and they bought a bus apparently! Glen will explain.

3. Is a pig a good pet?
The RSPCA have sent us some adorable pictures of some adorable little piggies who were a surprise addition to their sanctuary... And they want YOUR help to try to find them a home. We think they may be inundated with offers once you've seen how cute they are. The Oz (as Alastair calls her) says she'll take one already, and she hasn't even seen Julie's report from Potters Bar... I foresee a fight coming.

All that, our newspaper headlines, Chrissie's weather, and Lucy on the movie that was nearly never made, about a movie that was never made.
And if you understood that, you're cleverer than me! I hope the Great Cotter will be more enlightening.

See you at six.

Ben and Alex