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London Tonight Tonight Tuesday 24th February 2009

Good Afternoon to you...

It has to be a bit of a quickie this afternoon as, for one reason or another, we've got a bit behind. To be honest we got a bit distracted with talk of babies, baby names and flipping pancakes.

Which raises the first question of the day - what's everyone giving up for Lent? Is anyone giving anything up for Lent? If not out of religious purity then to prove you can do it... Or even as yet another excuse to give that diet a go. Ken (one of the two editors of our lunchtime and late bulletins) told me he's thinking about giving up chocolate. And ice cream. And crisps. I'm not going to comment on whether he needs to be dieting but that could be one hell of an Easter Sunday. Alex is also going for it - not only is she giving up the fags, she's also looking to pack in her slothful ways by joining a gym. Now, there's dedication. We wish them, and anyone else, all the will power they need.

Okay - on with the programme.

We'll be hearing Terry Lubbock's reaction to the news that Essex Police have apologised for the way they handled their inquiry into the death of his son, Stuart. You'll remember he was found dead in Michael Barrymore's swimming pool in 2001. No one has ever been charged with his murder and an investigation by the IPCC has found that Essex police didn't do the very best job. In fact, some evidence went missing and the evidence that didn't go missing wasn't assessed properly.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson has been the subject of an investigation by ethics watchdogs. They wanted to know why he phoned the Conservative Home Affairs spokesman, Damien Green, on the day he was arrested by police looking into alleged leaks from the Home Office.... Did the Mayor of London cross any lines in doing so? We'll have their verdict.

We'll be asking for your verdict on a new statue of the Queen Mum that was unveiled by her daughter today. Half the royal family turned out for the occasion - as did our cameras.

Speaking of mothers, we'll be helping a 48 year old Londoner to find his. He was abandoned in a stairwell in Golders Green when he was just a few hours old. Now, blood tests suggest he may have Scandinavian heritage. Was his mother an au pair who found herself pregnant when she didn't want to be? Despite all his efforts - and those of a private eye - David Stevenson has never traced the Mum he never knew. Can you help him?

We'll also be talking to Ned Boulting about Arsenal's chances against Roma at the Emirates Stadium in tonight's first leg of their Champions League clash.

And we'll be talking to the legendary Motown singer, who's a bit of a legend in her spare time... Martha Reeves.

Seriously, why would you miss it?

See you at SIX.

Ben & Alex.