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Fri 19th Feb


Until yesterday only one teenager had been stabbed to death in London this year - one too many already. But considering six kids were killed in the same period last year - something to take positives from. Sadly, that all changed last night when a 19 year old and an 18 year old were killed within 3 hours of each other. Glen Goodman's going to be telling us what happened. We'll also be talking about what happens when people who've been involved in violence in the capital rock up at our hospitals. Doctors say a lot of people are lying about how they ended up with a bullet lodged in them or a gaping stab wound. Big Ed dramatised for us in the meeting - Victim A: "I fell on a poker" Doc: "But I just x-rayed you and there's a bullet in your arm..."

Then Nick Wallis is going to be teaching us about what kids are being taught in school. A bunch of students have been asked to write about the July 7th bombings - but from the perspective of the bombers.... That particular lesson's been scrapped now - but he's going to be telling us why it was thought to be a sensible exercise in the first place.

There's a parking tale tonight - but not as we know it. For once we can park our cars for free! The lovely people of Kensington and Chelsea (I'm sucking up you see...) are trying to tempt shoppers away from the likes of Westfield and away from trying to pinch pennies and back into the shops. They're going to see if free parking does the trick - if they throw in a shopping spree in Harvey Nicks I'm there!

Another place I'd quite like to be is LA - but it's probably for the best - I'd just trip on the red carpet, try and snog Brad Pitt and then make off with a goody bag and a gold statue. It's best left in the professional hands of Miss Lucy Cotter who has had more than a couple of star turns herself this week and probably deserves an award statue of her own! She's checking out the red carpet and taking us behind the scenes of one of the main contenders Slumdog Millionaire. It will be the glamourous highlight of the evening I'm sure.

Then there's more movie magic from the one and only James King. Am interested to hear his take on Confessions of a Shopaholic - you'll remember Lucy met the star Isla Fisher and Al and I met the author Sophie Kinsella earlier in the week - Al was very taken with her and her gorgeous little boys who'd turned up in the studio with her - properly dressed and very well behaved. I was very taken too obviously - but was distracted by her gorgeous premiere frock and fab Louboutins! Anywho - James is going to give us his view on the flick (which I loved but can't imagine Al would) he's also going to talk us through Gran Torino - which for some reason I thought was about cars..but considering it's a Clint Eastwood directing and starring type outing I don't suppose it is - I'll leave that one to James.

There's also What Not To Miss - and you won't want to miss the teddy bears!

See you at 6.

Alex & Alastair.