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We start tonight with sad news from the set of the new Harry Potter movie - a stuntman's been badly hurt filming the latest installment. We're checking on his progress after he suffered terrible back injuries and Nick Wallis is talking to a stuntman about the dangers of the job - and asking how it can go so horribly wrong.

Next, do you remember that scene in Austin Powers where he's trying to turn a car around in a corridor? Well, that's what sprung to mind when I heard about these useless robbers in Flackwell Heath. They tried to steal a cashpoint using a JCB (seems to be all the rage!) but they ended up dropping it on a post office and ramming into cars and shops on the high street. Apparently they were driving it back and forth trying to get away but had to abandon their flawless plan - making off with nothing but red faces I imagine and heading back to the drawing board. Add their attempts to the two crims in New Zealand who tried to run away handcuffed - but ended up running into a lamppost and knocking eachother out! V chuckleworthy. That's on the evening news tonight so well worth a look too. Not a good day for wannabe thieves and runaway robbers. Rachel Millichip's been out to check on the JCB damage for us.

Another day, another load of job cuts. This time it's the London Underground giving staff their P45s - they've somehow worked out they can chuck 1,000 office staff - god knows what they all do but it looks like they won't be doing it for much longer thanks to the credit crunchiness. The bosses say it won't affect the way the tube works - but surely if they needed all these people in the first place they must have been doing something to help the tubes run...?! We'll hopefully be more the wiser tonight.

More bad news from our transport workers in the capital - cabbie's say it's kipper time - or something like that anyway. I've never heard the saying but I'm told black cab drivers call January Kipper Season as business is so flat.. Just how flat is a kipper? was my question - Ken informs me it would fit under the bosses office door...Ben says you could add a pizza to that too - then he started giggling about some girl with teeth that stuck out so much she could suck the filling out of an apple pie. Sounded a bit saucy to me..not sure where he was going with it but anyway... Back to the cabs - they're struggling for business not with their dental situations.. So - basically we can't all afford to swan around in cabs all the time - credit crunchy or no credit crunchy - so has this Jan been particularly kippery..? Sangeeta Kandola has got the knowledge.

Phil Bayles is being sent into the belly of a whale - don't worry - it's not some Jonah style punishment for our man - it's a dead whale. The London Aquarium's getting what sounds like an amazing fishy face lift. They've put a whale's skeleton inside the new glass walkway - Phil's getting a first look so you will too.

You could also help sort out your local park - Ben's excited about this and has already been online trying to vote for his to get a load of cash cos he wants to clean up dog poo - not personally - he wants someone else to do it so his son stops walking into it and ruining what I imagine are his pristine carpets. Ken pointed out the dog owners should be doing this themselves and mentioned something about seeing a whale sized poo - or was it a horse - on his travels.. If you want less poo tune in for that too.

We meet some more Oscar nominees tonight - it's not Brad and Angelina unfortunately - it's Adam and Alan ..no, I hadn't heard of them either but they could be about to make it very big indeed - although I doubt they'll be adopting a Benneton advert style brood in the process.. They're a couple of animators who are up against the likes of magic movie makers Pixar for a short cartoony type gong. It may be a long shot but just look at what Slumdog Millionaire's done this year so there may be much more British success on the awards horizon. Lucy introduces us to them tonight.

Oh - and there was a shriek of delight (quite manly, not girlie at all) from Ben when Ken told us we're getting snow next week - he's obviously been talking to Chrissie who will confirm or deny later. Faye doesn't care - she's off to sun herself on holiday and has bought the cutest little jumpsuit for her unborn little one - it has ears and paws and everything! Not that he/she is here yet - but when that happens the little poppet will be warm and snuggly in the bear outfit.

See you at 6.

Alex & Ben.
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