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Friday January 30th

Good Afternoon everyone....

Anyone who doesn't have children of their own may well grow tired of people saying "well, if you haven't got children of your own - you wouldn't understand blah blah blah". I know I used to. It's undeniable that the parent-child bond is a very special one - 'unique' even - but the rather dismissive way the phrase is bandied about... well, I always found (and find it) rather grating. You certainly don't have to be a parent to find our main story tonight one of the saddest you'll ever hear.

A young father was on his way to hospital last night with his young daughter. Imagine their excitement as they were going to see Mummy who's just given birth to a boy. A daughter for Daddy. A little brother for the girl. They were waiting at a bus stop in Croydon when the father got into an argument with a stranger - who then killed him. He stabbed him - ending one life and scarring three more beyond comprehension. We'll bring you the full story.

Now, when you think of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution you probably think of the crews bravely heading out into the waves crashing into Britain's all encompassing coastline. Think again. The RNLI also does extraordinary work slap bang in the middle of the capital. Their workplace - the Thames. And they say their caseload has been rising at a worrying rate of late. In fact, the number of callouts went up by 30% last year. Why? Well, our reporter, Nick Wallis has been working hard to find out. As you'll see, he's really 'thrown himself into' the story...

Next up: cue stirring music... as we prepare to pay tribute to one of the heroes of the Battle of Britain. Not the fearless pilots who kept our country safe and free from the Luftwaffe. But one of the planes they were flying. And I bet you your first drink of the weekend you're now thinking 'Spitfire'. In fact, if you're a Man of Kent - or, indeed, a Kentish Man - your first drink of the weekend may be a pint of Spitfire - brewed by Shepherd's Neame: the oldest brewer in the country, don't you know. Anyway, the planes that did the lion's share of fighting in the Battle of Britain were, in fact, the Hurricanes. There aren't many of them left, which isn't that surprising considering the number of bullets fired in their direction. However, one of them has been brought home from Canada, had £1.75 million spent on it and now it's flying out of Essex again - as you'll see this evening.

And then we come to our studio guest. He certainly has a formidable reputation. As a stage actor. As a film actor. As a director. As a writer. So we'll have plenty to talk to him about - not least, the stage version of the multi-Oscar winning movie 'On the Waterfront' that's just opened at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket. Ladies and Gentleman, Steven Berkoff will be in the house.

As will James King - to talk about two of the week's movie releases.

And Robin McCallum - to talk about the snow heading our way.

So much to fit in.

Tune in at SIX to find out how we do it.

Ben & Alex