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London Tonight Tonight Friday 23rd January 2009


First tonight - "a bearskin with a sore head loses his cool with joker tourist" - (I stole that headline from the Standard so can't claim to have come up with it myself... But anyway... Made me giggle) The Queen's Guardsman was not giggling when a tourist started mocking his distinctive march. Now, this must happen everyday, but clearly the guard in question had had enough, delivering a swift clip round the ear to stop the cheeky copycat. Al's on the guard's side and says they just don't get enough respect. I think many of you will agree, but the guard isn't allowed to leave his post unless the Royals are in danger, so he's still in trouble. It's all been caught on camera so you can see for yourself tonight - with Nick Wallis - who I'm sure won't break rank on this one.

Then we've got the hacker who you'll remember found out he had Asperger's Syndrome after being interviewed on our programme. Well, he's won his first legal fight against extradition to the States where he could be jailed for up to 70 years. Ronke Phillips has been in court and will fill us in on all the latest developments.

We're also going back in time - 100 years - to commemorate the "Tottenham Outrage". The families of the victims of this shootout are marking the day, and Marcus Powell's been with them. He'll fill the less informed amongst us (that's me) in on just what happened that fateful day.

Then we've got the footy (which I'm supposedly more informed about) with Millwall hoping to recreate their 2004 move into the FA Cup final. They're in 4th round action against Hull tomorrow (who've just signed Jimmy Bullard from Fulham no less).

Harry's Spurs also face Sir Alex's Man U. With both managers saying they'll field a bunch of reserves on the pitch. Sir Alex is even threatening to exploit an FA rule to stop the tie going to a replay. We'll preview all the action which I'm sure Al will be fascinated by (ok, maybe slightly disinterested in...)

Filmwise, James is here to talk about Tom Cruise's new flick Valkyrie and Frost/Nixon - now Al will definitely be interested in these two movies. No talking animals here - unless you're being rude about one of the actors - which I'm not. Even though Al says he's about 10 years behind on the latest movies, I've been encouraging him to go to see Slumdog Millionaire (not about a dog I assure you). I think I've got more of a chance of persuading him to see Frost/Nixon but not sure about Valkyrie. Tom Cruise isn't doing it for me nowadays, but I love Eddie Izzard and Bill Nighy who are both in it too, so James may be able to talk us into it. He may also say it's rubbish... Soon see.

Last but not least, Lucy's been out to Greece to meet the next Leona Lewis. Now, I'm surprised she didn't 'accidentally' miss her plane back - weather must be better there than here. But, she's a professional and obviously wanted us to hear all about Ionna Protopappa - she's the one we told you about last night who was on holiday and decided to audition for the Greek version of X Factor and has now made it to the semi final.

See just how good she is at 6.

Alex and Alastair.