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London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 17th September 2008

London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 17th September 2008


I woke up thinking that today was Friday, it was a very rude shock to realise it really isn't. It does though give me something to look forward to I suppose, which is more than can be said for hundreds of our Black Cab drivers. Hundreds of them stand to be out of work from Friday - for how long none of us know. Taxis have been randomly going up in flames at all hours of the day, no-one thankfully has been injured, but that appears to be more down to good luck than anything else. You can judge for yourselves as we have footage of one of the cabs on fire. It's some sort of fault affecting taxis built in the last two years at a certain plant ... made all the worse by the fact that the manufacturer has known about the problem for at least three months. Many many questions - Jon Gilbert attempts to find the answers.

Someone who has had enough of asking questions is Herbie Crossman. He's an OAP who feels that pensioners are being ignored during this credit crunch ... Rather than give up though .. He's making his own very public protest - dangling from a crane. Confused? All will be made clear at 6!

Now - it's 5 and a half weeks since we were all glued to our screens watching that incredible opening ceremony in Beijing .. . I say 'we' - my esteemed co-presenter watched it firsthand while being fed dim sum by Asian beauties (maybe I made that last bit up). So it's hard to believe that the entire Olympic Games is now over - for another four years. Team GB ended the Paralympics with an astonishing haul - 102 medals - second on the table only to China, what a truly amazing achievement. Mayor Boris says he's determined that London will lead the way for disabled athletes in 2012, not just in the sporting arenas but with our infrastructure too. So how much work is there to be done? Rachel Millichip travels around our Capital with one wheelchair user and his family to see how accessible the city really is.

Plus we introduce you to another finalist in our Teacher of the Year competition, and Lucy gets to hang out with John Hannah and Philip Seymour Hoffman - two very fine actors who are gracing the West End - one on stage, one directing.

Plenty to get you thinking about this Wednesday evening (still not Friday yet? oh well..). See you at 6.

Salma and Alastair