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Tuesday 10th June

London Tonight Tonight Tuesday 10th June

Good Afternoon .. And I sincerely hope you are enjoying it because we all may have to put our shorts away again soon ... Robin says he'll be sending clouds overhead once more. Is there any good news on the horizon? We'll have to wait and see...

Bad news has already arrived for some poor Hounslow residents after a fire broke out in their block of flats today - the blaze is thankfully out, but the place is still smouldering. Thanks to the very quick response of the emergency services everyone made it out alive, but no-one will be going back in. Phil Bayles is there trying to find out what caused the fire - and what happens next for the devastated people who are now homeless.

Our top story though is just truly bizarre - follow this if you please .... a wife gets fed up with her husband, asks her boyfriend how much it would cost to have him killed, then asks her brother to lend her the money for a hitman. The brother shops her to the police. The wife is sentenced to 7 years ... BUT - get this - the husband vows to stand by her side and says he'll wait for her as she serves her time. The world is a very strange place, but as my husband says "it's always the wife"... he may have a point.

Now think of all those places you want to see in the world before they disappear forever .... In fact you don't have to think ... A list has been published .... Rare, cultural and historically significant spots across the globe like the Amazon Rain Forest and the African Savannah .... Oh and of course - Little Green Street in Kentish Town.... What, why, when.... Eh? Valid questions indeed - and we can tell you all about this little cobbled street and why it needs saving. Even better - star of the stage and screen, Tom Conti lives on Little Green Street - and he tells our London Life Correspondent Ben Scotchbrook what he thinks.

To complete the eclectic mix that is today's show, we join the lovely Katie Derham on the South Bank for the London restaurant awards ... Plus Kid Rock joins us in the studio. As I've been finding out he's so much more than simply Pamela Anderson's ex.... In fact I've become hooked on listening to his music on You Tube ... It's really rather good, in a southern rock, blues, country kind of way. It's all a lot less angry and more sentimental than I imagined, plus he spent Christmas entertaining troops in Iraq. Just goes to show you can't judge a man by tabloid pictures alone - I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Alastair IS here and he will join me in the studio - I think he's a little miffed that he wasn't invited along to Producer Faye's girls' night at the weekend. Maybe I'll make him a cup of tea ... Then order will be restored to the universe.

See you at six,

Salma and Al