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Wednesday 11th June

London Afternoon Afternoon - Wednesday 11th June

Well it is just about the afternoon - so good afternoon,

we've been booted out of our usual slot today by lots of men in shorts ... there are worse ways to go. The Czech Republic play Portugal in Geneva today so we are on much earlier at 4pm.

But it's a perfectly formed little show we have for you. First the Tory Councillor in Shepherds Bush who for reasons best known to herself, has launched an attack on Indian families on one estate accusing them of throwing litter from their windows ... It does though appear that the good Councillor not only lacks tact, but has no proof either. Pier Hopkirk attempts to get the bottom of this rather grubby mess.

By the way, you can see that story on ITV1 at 4 o'clock...

As MPs vote on the controversial 42 days for holding terror suspects, we hear a passionate plea from a father who lost his daughter in the London bombings.

We've also got toxic sofas and a live from Pinewood studios where the Curse of Bond has struck again.

Did I mention we're on at 4?

Plus of course Robin and his clouds of doom will be here to tell us that even though we'll be leaving early today - there'll be no sunbathing for us. Bah!

So, set your reminders for 1600.

Salma and Al