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Good evening,
A couple of days ago I bumped into a tourist who was concentrating hard on taking the perfect photo of Big Ben. As I waited for him to get the perfect shot (I have to admit here that this is unusual behaviour for me as I'm generally late & stop for no-one; I suspect that there are many shots of the local attractions featuring a harassed looking bloke in a suit heading towards the tube) I noticed his armpits.
His shirt contained a crescent shaped section of netting in each armpit which is a design idea I've never seen before. I can't pretend it wasn't hideous but I guess it's immensely practical, especially in weather like this.
In fact with a warm night ahead of us tonight & conditions staying hot over the weekend I reckon we should all be wearing as much netting as possible. I will if you will.
Hope to see you later,


And Good Evening from me, too...

Im going to be honest. I don't remember wearing any clothing with any netting in the armpits. Or any of the body's creases. You should be grateful.

Now, the programme: We have got the sentencing of a fifteen year old murderer, a 'parents v council' row over a school's design, the memories of three Battle of Britain pilots and one proposed solution to the irritating people who leave their disgusting chewing gum stuck all over London - that's on the pavements, under chairs on windows. I mean really what's wrong with these people do they really think that the rest of us should have to work round the sticky ghastliness of their selfishness? I'd better stop there. Or I'll get told off.
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