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Good afternoon.

Busy show tonight: We'll have the latest on the hunt for a killer who's escaped from a hospital and an in-depth report on new Government proposals to combat dangerous dogs.

Also, after the death of another cyclist on our roads this morning, we'll have news of a new advertising campaign about cycle safety. All very worthy, of course, but at a cost of £200,000 to the taxpayers and using the analogy of a bank robbery gone wrong to make the point, could a better way of highlighting the problem have been found?

A bit of a show theme tonight too as Ben Scotchbrook takes us behind the scenes of the premiere of the follow up to 'Phantom of the Opera'. The sequel to Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical mammoth is 'Love Never Dies' and is on at the Adelphi, which is where Ben is waiting in the wings.

Finally, we'll also have more on the story of the evil super-plant taking over the capital's gardens and the super-insect being shipped in from Asia to fight it off. Talking of super heroes, I'll be sporting some rather natty Superman cuff links on the programme tonight. They were a birthday present from my children and I promised I'd wear them. I've been telling them I'm Superman for ages. My 8 year old is is skeptical at best, but my 4 year old is fairly convinced (sorry, I know you shouldn't tell fibs). He's worried that the cuff links might give the game away, but I said no one will be able to see them unless they look really closely. So, if you see me scratch my ear, or fiddle with my cuffs, I'll be trying show the kids I'm wearing them without giving away my secret identity!

See you at six. Matt and Katie.