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Hello all.

First up tonight, we'll have more on the General Medical Council's ruling today that the doctor who first published evidence linking the MMR jab and autism acted 'dishonestly and irresponsibly' while carrying out his research. Dr Andrew Wakefield's 1998 study, that has since been discredited, caused vaccination rates to plummet and cases of measles to rise, but some parents still support his research as they look to prove a link they're convinced does exist. Whether or not to get your child vaccinated is a subject that really divides opinion, not least in the afternoon meeting we've just had about tonight's show. It's certainly not our place to pass comment on that, but you can have your say via the e-mails later.

Now, anyone caught up in the unpredictability of First Capital Connect's train services over the last few months will want to tune in later as we hear from the company for the first time. We've being chasing them to come on for ages. First, to comment on the situation last year when drivers refused to work their voluntary weekend shifts, causing severe disruption. And, more recently, to speak about the snow-induced commuter chaos to their services. Disgruntled members of the public get their chance to grill company bosses later, too. There's nothing like a good rant to make you feel better!

Also tonight, beer and comedy - a classic combination! First, we meet the East End pensioners, turned brewers, whose first batch of ale was so popular in the trendy bars that stocked it, reserves have run completely dry. They grew their own hops on a patch of ground at their community housing project in Tower Hamlets, evoking memories of when they used to go hop-picking in Kent. 'Old Hopper Brew' was the result and it's proved very popular indeed. I grew up in rural Herefordshire, a 'hop-bed' of beer and cider production, where I still organise a charity food festival each summer partly so that I can sample the latest brews on offer. Phil Bayles managed a taste test of 'Old Hopper' and said it was quite 'zesty'. None left to bring back for the rest of us, apparently, although I'm sure I just heard Phil clanking his way to his locker...?

On the comedy front, Andrew Maxwell joins us on the sofa. Not only an upstanding member of the stand-up community, but a regular on panel shows like 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' and 'Have I got News for You'. He also organises the regular comedy show, 'The Fullmooners' which is timed to co-incide with...the full moon. The next one is this Friday, so we'll get Andrew to tell us what newcomers can expect.

Beer and comedy. Now, if someone could just rustle me up a curry - the weekend can start early!

See you at six

Matt and Nina
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