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Hello there. A belated happy New Year to you all. I hope you had an enjoyable and stress free Christmas. Personally, apart from the obligatory lack of batteries on Christmas morning and only realising that I'd forgot to put the vegetarian option in the oven as I was serving up the Christmas dinner, it all went off pretty well. Food wise, it was a case of five weeks to plan and five minutes to demolish, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, there were no major dramas and it was great to spend time with family and friends. We were hosting, so I've started the New Year thoroughly exhausted, but Katie takes the award for the busiest festive period - I'm amazed she's still standing!

Favourite present? 'The Bumper Book of Cricket Trivia'. Most random gift received? Comedy musical instruments tie which, I'm sorry mum, will never make it into the studio!

So, after what seems like a month of over-indulging and under-sleeping, welcome to the first week of January. I'm not a big fan of resolutions, I never seem to stick to them, but if I was to make any they would be the usual kind of stuff: go to the gym more often (or at all), lay off the vino (I might just start with week nights) and get a grip of the finances (there's a real danger that a S.W.A.T team may be waiting for me the next time I try to use my debit card). A quick straw poll in the office sees programme editor Ken and entertainment guru Lucy both needing to go down the fitness route as the London Marathon looms large. Katie is also committed to taking more exercise, but is yet to assemble the new bike she had for Christmas which doesn't bode well. She also wants to join a choir and do some metal detecting, which could make for an interesting weekend?! Alastair Stewart, the busiest man in telly, hopes to make a bit more time for himself in 2010 - which is never going to happen in an election year!

Collectively, (corporate alert) the London Tonight team will continue to bring you the latest news from the world's best city along with in-depth features, special reports and all that's hot in the world of movies, music, entertainment and the arts in our own unique way. We've started the new term with renewed vigour and enthusiasm (I got the memo) and another belter of a programme tonight, so don't forget to tune in at six.

The weather dominates proceedings later with the Met Office warning that the severe snow that has already disrupted much of the north of England is heading our way. Remember the disruption in the capital last February when the snow fell? Everything seemed to grind to a complete halt. I got snowed in at work...which was no fun at all. So, are we any better prepared this time round? We'll ask Boris, but suffice to say, I've brought my toothbrush just in case!

Matt and Katie
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