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FW: weather blog

Good evening,
It's mid November so London is already well into the Yuletide countdown. Window displays & street lights are signalling the imminent arrival of Christmas, tinsel & baubles are everywhere & now the seasonal open air ice rinks are declaring themselves open for business.
Today it's the turn of Somerset House & the plan is for me to bring you the weather from this stunning location. It has been suggested that I don skates which could make for interesting viewing because, despite having had to learn to skate for a film role years ago (my on screen skating partner was Eva Gabor would you believe....), I have never really mastered it. In truth I think I would be better at diving for pearls in the Pacific, but if the boss wants me to do it who am I to refuse?
Ironically the weather is mild at the moment (wet & windy soon too) so although I'll be surrounded by ice & Somerset House will be a winter wonderland I won't be feeling cold. Instead I'll be channelling my energy into keeping fear at bay & dignity intact.
Hope to see you later.
I think.