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Weather Blog

Good evening,

"UB 40".
"No, there's a BAT in the kitchen."
At which point I realised my wife wasn't asking me to name the artist of an 80's hit, but informing me that we had a wildlife incident. My fault as I'd left the doors open in order to make the most of the balmy evening. Now we all know that bats are timid & that the notion of them flying into your hair is a fallacy, so it was with no small sense of shame that we set about liberating the creature wearing hats & gardening gloves.

You'll be relieved to hear that we were successful & have now added another item to our list of hazards to watch out for when the weather is perfect. With only a few clouds & the odd spot of rain on the horizon before the weather settles down nicely again for the weekend we should be able to relax, but then again unless we're careful we may well find a badger on the sofa....

I'll keep you posted.

See you later,