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Weather blog

Good evening,

The pollen levels are slowly rising - the trade off for fine Spring weather - & the sneezing has started. A couple of weeks ago this would have been dismissed as the onset of swine fever but I think we have to accept that the allergy season is underway. I'm told the dirty air in metropolitan areas doesn't help either & that allergies can strike at any stage in our lives, which is exactly what's happened to me this year. I'm very fortunate in that I'm only a mild sufferer & whilst I realise that serious allergic reactions are no laughing matter, on a personal level it's a price I'm happy to pay for settled, sunny weather at this time of year.

The weather looks set to remain good for the next few days, meaning it'll be a Bank Holiday of sore eyes, itchy noses & mucus. Nothing that a good dose of sunburn won't sort out. Be careful out there....!

See you later,