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Robin's Weather Blog

Good evening,

At the risk of morphing into Bill Oddie & suffering a huge identity crisis I thought I'd share with you the news that on Wednesday I heard a cockoo, a sure sign of Spring (as if we needed another one). I can also boast having heard, for the first time in my life, a nightingale. It really is beautiful but if I'm honest there's something a little unsettling about hearing birdsong -however magical- at 11 o'clock at night. I've read that it's International Dawn Chorus Day on Sunday but I'm not sure, even with my new found enthusiasm for all things ornithological, that I will be bounding out of bed at 4am to witness the wake-up call. If I change my mind, however, at least the reasonably fine weather which is on the menu for the next fwew days will take the edge off the horror of a pre-dawn start.

We're doing well in the South East; mainly dry & fine so get out there & enjoy it if you can, but not before you've tuned in to the show....

See you later,