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Weather blog

Good evening,
The lights are being illuminated this evening on the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree & I'll be there later on. Day by day London is looking increasingly Yuletastic.
The child in me would love the weather to do what it does in the movies at Christmas time & for there to be a light covering of washing powder white snow & stars twinkling in a winter sky.
Sadly we'll have to put up with cloud & spells of rain & perversely before too long it'll also be turning milder. Luckily December nights provide long hours of darkness which do a reasonably good job of masking disappointing & unseasonal weather, so as the lights go on tonight I'll be ignoring the cloud & the damp & imagining "earth as hard as iron, water like a stone" & the snow lying "round about, deep & crisp & even".
Sometimes it's good to be shallow.
Hope to see you later,