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So everyone - it's Friday.

How on earth did that happen? Seriously, it doesn't seem five minutes that I was desperately trying to get to sleep last Sunday night because the Monday morning alarm clock was set to go off at 4.30am... in time for me to see a rather large Christmas tree roll into Trafalgar Square.

If you watched last night, you'll have seen 540 little bulbs go on - lighting up 68 feet of Norwegian Spruce in all its glory. If you didn't, get yourself down there for a look. It's splendid. Be quick though - if time keeps racing past like it has this week, we'll be taking it down before you can say "But I don't like brussel sprouts".

Now, today's programme's Christmas offering comes in the form of two rap stars who are performing at the Jingle Bell Ball at the 02 this weekend. Tynchey Stryder and Chipmunk. I've yet to find out if we'll call him Mr Munk, or if he'll let us call him Chip. They are both giants in the world of rap music and we're looking forward to having a chat.

The other slice of showbiz - while we're on the subject - is served up in the form of a report on a young girl called 'Stacey'... Cue uncontrollable screaming and applause for one of the four acts still standing in this year's X-Factor songfest. This weekend, four go down to three. Stacey's a Dagenham girl and we've been back to her roots.

Two parents from Walton on Thames drove up to Heathrow today to meet their son, flying back from a rather unexpected trip to Iran. Ollie Smith was the skipper on the boat which drifted into Iranian waters, landing all 5 of the crew members in an Iranian prison. They're all out now - much to their relief of their families who went to meet them at Heathrow.

What else? What else?

Well, we'll have a look round the Thamesmead estate in East London was hailed as THE place to live back in the 60s and 70s. A number of documentaries have been made about the place, charting life on the estate over the years and a doco is about to released. We've been talking to the man behind it and to one of the residents who featured in the very first film made all those decades ago.

A bit topsy-turvy this - but our programme begins in Perugia, where the jury has gone out to decide if Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito murdered Surrey student Meredith Kercher. It's been a long trial and there's a lot of evidence to consider.

And the story we'd like you to share your opinions this evening on is Islington Council's decision to reduce the speed limit on nearly all its residential roads to 20 mph. Good idea? Watch our report and then let us know what you think.

So - lots of us to work on, so I'd better do my bit.

See you at six,

Ben & Nina

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