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Weather blog

Good evening,
I'm not sure I understand wind chimes.
Occasionally I have come across them making a soft tubular sound in a gentle breeze. It's not unpleasant but I still don't see the point. For me the unadorned sounds of the outdoors are enough on their own.
As usual I was out with the dogs just before sunrise this morning. The overcast skies ensured that there was little evidence of dawn breaking & the wind, as predicted, was howling. Admittedly it wasn't the sort of weather one would necessarily choose but it had a wildness to it I like.
In fact, I'd take cloud, wind & even rain any time over the breakdown-inducing noise from one garden I walked past where several sets of wind chimes, blowing horizontally in the wind, were competing to outdo each other. The sound is difficult to describe. Although still intrinsically delicate, the gusts of wind gave the chimes an angry intensity that came in bursts & which could be heard well beyond the confines of the host garden.
I'm glad I'm not a neighbour because unless the offending chimes are mothballed within the next 24 hours, with conditions turning increasingly stormy by the end of the week, the dawn chorus in that neck of the woods will be enough to drive people to drink.
On the plus side, it will be staying mild.
Hope to see you later,