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Weather blog

Good evening,
I decided to make the most of today's dry weather (it's not going to last) & walk from my morning office near the Houses of Parliament to my afternoon office in Holborn. I won't bore you with the reasons for this peripatetic lifestyle but it provides a great opportunity to keep fit & get to know the city even better. It was very pleasant as I walked along the river. The streets were busy without being crowded & London was looking good. Up ahead I noticed a blue flashing light & as I approached it became clear that the police had pulled over a van driver. It all looked very amicable. The van driver & two police officers were talking & smiling while two other officers were standing next to the police vehicle & a final two policemen were examining the van. There hadn't been a crash. Nobody else (pedestrian/cyclist/etc) was involved & without wanting to rubberneck, it was difficult to establish what was going on. I did notice one rather bizarre detail, however. All the police officers were wearing gloves. Not unusual in itself you may think, but these were latex gloves. And not standard issue medical ones but eyecatching bright blue latex gloves. As blue as the Aegean sea in August. It's an image that will stay with me for a while because it struck me as so odd. There's no doubt an entirely reasonable explanation, but if I'm honest I'm not really interested. I'm happy to savour the Python-esque scene & leave logic to one side.
Stronger winds with rain later tomorrow & then a mixture of sunshine & showers.
Hope to see you later,