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Weather blog

Good evening,
The neighbour who pumps water out of the river to irrigate his garden (remember? he's the one whose pump -operational noise of a coffee grinder crossed with an elderly vacuum cleaner- provided the soundtrack to our summer) evidently pays no heed to the weather forecast.
I don't take this personally, the media after all provide a huge daily selection of meteorological information. My mild irritation is not, therefore, fuelled by hurt feelings but by a degree of exasperation that prior to the last 3 days of accurately predicted leaden skies & outbreaks of rain, the pump had been on for 36 hours without a break. 2 days & 1 night of background mechanical buzzing which ultimately served very little purpose.
So as I huffed out with the dogs this morning enjoying the first blue sky since Sunday, I was grateful that our paths didn't cross obliging me to swallow my true feelings & offer a cheery (albeit tight lipped) 'Good morning'.
After a damp blip tomorrow afternoon things look pretty good for the weekend so there'll be a spring in my step again. Unless, of course, the pump is put back into service.
Hope to see you later,