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Hello. Welcome to another working week.

We start tonight's programme with news of London Mayor Boris Johnson's vision for London over the next quarter of a century. I've just been looking at it on the City Hall website and it really is a monster of a document, covering everything from from economic development and housing strategies to transport and environmental policies. It's only a draft at the moment and Boris is calling for our input (go to www.london.gov.uk).

More of a wish list of we'd like to projects than a firm commitment to all of them, a lot of the stuff in it sounds perfectly reasonable: more affordable housing, better transport links etc but as ever, the devil is in the detail...and there is plenty of detail. Thankfully, we have the ever meticulous Simon Harris on the case and we'll have Simon Milton, the deputy mayor for policy and planning on the programme to answer some of the issues raised. There are plans for Crossrail 2, despite the funding issues still surrounding Crossrail 1. There are proposals to extend both the Bakerloo Line and the Northern Line, but is south London again missing out on investment? What's happened to plans for an airport in the Thames Estuary? Oh, and that thorny perennial - road charging. The Mayor's Office has dismissed the notion of a toll of up to £1.34 per mile on some of our busiest roads, but the report clearly says it's under consideration. And, apparently Boris is offering a bar of chocolate a week for staff with the best ideas? So, I have a well known celestially named confectionary item on my desk that I'll award to the member of the London Tonight team that comes up with the best idea before I've finished the blog.

Elsewhere today, The Old Bailey trail of teenager Tulay Goren, allegedly murdered by her father and two uncles continues. Her boyfriend at the time of her disappearance ten years ago gave evidence from behind a screen today, telling of the strained relationship she had with her family. It's alleged she was murdered because of the couple's 'inappropriate' relationship in a so-called 'honour killing'. The girl's father and two uncles deny murdering her. Also, news of a man awarded over a million pounds in compensation after suffering serious head injuries when he fell from a night bus and Ronke Phillips reports on the part-time medics who put their lives on the line to treat our wounded soldiers in Afghanistan.

Now, I was a bit surprised at the station on my way in earlier to hear an Evening Standard seller shout the not very catchy slogan, "Anyone want a free Standard!?" As you might be able to work out, the Standard is free from today after 180 years of it costing Londoners. Phil Bayles - who's always happy to pick up a bargain - is on hand to see what changes, if any, we can expect. All that plus Keith Allen, Matthew Kelly, the Queen and a group of Bollywood dancers (not all in the same story) See you at six.

Matt and Lucy.

Oh - so who wins the chocolate? Well, technically producer Neil who suggested a cup of tea to go with the biscuits left over from the weekend shift, but as he went into a meeting leaving me to brew up - I've snaffled the Mars Bar and the chocolate Hobnobs!


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