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Weather Blog

Good evening,
I wish that, when he banned the consumption of alcohol on public transport, Boris Johnson had extended it to eating food as   well. The smell of food in a confined space when you are not necessarily feeling hungry yourself can be pretty offensive. That coupled with the motion of a moving vehicle is almost guaranteed to cause queasiness. Today I shared a tube carriage with a clown, a class of approximately 30 seven-year-olds & a woman eating a Chinese banquet out of a pale pink tupperware container. The weather's reasonably warm above ground & below ground it is inevitably a few degrees warmer. Effectively it was like being trapped in the warming drawer of a gently rocking oven with a soundtrack of screaming children. A step closer to Hell than I care to go.          
The relief of stepping out into the fresh air at my destination was priceless.
Maybe I should turn this negative into a positive & resolve to walk everywhere while the weather is good. I may end up being late for everything but I won't feel nauseous & my fitness will improve. I'll let you know how I get on.
Hope to see you later,